Who we are

Evolte is a technology company on a mission to accelerate sustainable transport adoption.

Technology and sustainable transport offerings are forever improving. We just need better access and to make them as simple as possible to use; at a place and time that serves our direct needs. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to choose more sustainable modes of transport.

The passenger experience is becoming the largest driver of revenue in the mobility space, and one of the only true service differentiators for automakers and transportation network companies like Uber, Lyft and others. 

Evolte is leading the global Access Economy; providing technology that supports entities in the societal shift to a more sustainable future.

What we do

 Evolte delivers in vehicle screens, engaging media and measurement in rideshare vehicles while also sharing smart city data with smart city partners and revenue with our driver partners.

Intel estimates the passenger economy will be worth over $7 Trillion dollars, we think rideshare companies, fleet operators, automakers, brands, and media/advertising companies stand to benefit considerably from people getting more time back into their day to watch entertainment.

Evolte’s platforms provide turn key solutions that support and add extra revenue layers to entities that are leading the sustainable transport transition.

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The time is now

Evolte’s platforms provides a turn key solutions that support and add extra revenue layers to entities that are leading the sustainable transport transition.

Advertisers know that commercials and video ads work to gain consumer attention, and advertisers are looking for new channels to reach consumers.

The growth of the global ride-hailing service market is driven by rise in trend of on-demand transportation services, creation of employment opportunities, and low rate of car ownership among millennials. 

Advancements in connected and automatic vehicles to reduce CO2 emission and substantial increase in sales of these vehicles for the use of ride-hailing services have continued to propel the global market growth.

The market is expected to witness significant growth in the near future, owing to increase in trend of mobility-as-a-service and upsurge in users for ride sharing across the globe.

Mobility as a service will not only be cheaper than purchasing a car in the future, it also reduces city congestion and overall vehicle emissions. 

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